Killed Ideas to Give Your Creative Masterpiece New Life


OK so you've landed the perfect client for whom you've been jonesing for years. They're about to launch a new product line and have a huge marketing budget to support the launch. (OK, just pretend the economy doesn't suck and they actually do have huge marketing budget.)

You concept the most amazing idea you've ever concepted and present it to them. During the presentation they praise it. They love it. They fawn all over it. They pontificate about how it will introduce a sea change within their industry and how it will skyrocket the company to greatness. Everyone fist bumps each other at the end of the meeting and the client promise to call with final approval the next morning.


The call comes...

And the client kills the idea. It's not that they really wanted to. They loved it just as much as you but, as we all know, there are other forces involved when it comes to a campaign getting the green light.

But that fact doesn't make you feel any better. After you run through the entire agency shouting expletives and asking everyone on your team, "Why? Why? Why?", you contemplate calling the client to unleash a tirade of anger until you realize they, too, wanted the campaign approved.

And read this story and find out about Killed Ideas, a project which glorifies great creative and gives your ingenious idea a place to shine and be seen. Suddenly, you feel much better and you want to hug your client. OK so maybe you don't feel that great but at least you feel good your amazing idea will be seen by others.

Yes, people. Killed Ideas loves your...killed ideas. We want your dream campaigns. We want that diamond in the rough print ad you created for that local jeweler or that amazing television campaign you created for that multi-national corporation.

Beginning February 24, you are encouraged to submit your killed ideas to for potential inclusion in Killed Ideas Volume 1, a book published by Blurb and edited by Adrants Editor Steve Hall. Fifty of the best killed ideas will be selected for the book which will be published in May.

As killed ideas are submitted, some of the more interesting and quirky ones will be featured here on the Killed Ideas blog and on Twitter by following @killedideas.

While there many justifiable reasons ideas get killed, sometimes greatness meets a premature death. With Killed Ideas, we hope to give your idea and others new and ever lasting life. So if you've got great ideas, dig them out and send them over to us right away!

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