Agent Provocateur Goes -- Wait for It! -- Social.


We don't know why we're writing this up, given that "going social" is not difficult, or costly, or even all that imaginative anymore, but hey -- if the PR people went out of their way to put this on the wire, then by gad we will honor their service.

Requisite quote candy:

"This is the first time a luxury fashion brand has launched a provocative social media campaign tying together their various data-linked platforms, like a multi-entry daily blog, twitter feed and facebook."
-- Scott Goodson, CEO, StrawberryFrog

Check out Agent Provocateur's Twitter feed at @msprovocateur. Whoever's updating it has clearly been taught the ropes: flanked by the image of a gamine in garters, she carefully intersperses her link-whoring with reciprocal responses and idle commentary like "I so badly need a hot toddy."

The blog has only been updated two days -- the sixth and the ninth -- but copiously so. It's oddly three-dimensional for a company best-known for putting Kylie Minogue on a mechanical bull in her skivvies; only time will tell if the blogger sticks.

In the meantime, wander with "Olivia" as she ponders Salma Hayek's sex life (taking care to recommend lingerie as an afterthought) , critiques He's Just Not that into You (rightfully so), encourages men to cry, and discusses a Discovery Channel program about objective beauty.

We're reserving our overall judgment for later. It's possible Agent Provocateur doesn't yet know how big a can of worms it's opened. So we're curious to see how far it travels down SocMedia Lane, or how corporate things get when a critical mass begins to engage it back. Stay tuned!

by Angela Natividad    Feb-10-09   Click to Comment   
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Posted by: copyranter on February 10, 2009 2:15 PM