Finally, a Place in the UK Where Racy Ads May Live.


The United Kingdom's got this really anal government body called the Advertising Standards Authority. Based on citizen complaints and its own yardstick for appropriateness, it's banned everything from nightmare-inducing Marmite ads to blasphemous haircare messages to mundane (but deceptive!) mascara spots.

But agency envelope pushers, take heart: the UK's FIVER network is working with Celador Productions to launch The Sexy Ad Show, a six-part send-up of some of the "raciest, most politically incorrect and barely-broadcastable adverts to [emerge] from ad-land."

The debauchery will be hosted by British comedian Olivia Lee. And while we haven't been offered any teasers on the material, we've been told that the ads will include "an ejaculating Action Man, an Optician who uses sadomasochistic sex to sell spectacles, a Granny using a dildo to advertise a bank, a family blowing each other up to sell beer, and a canine gang bang encouraging you to take a holiday."

If sadomasochistic spectacle-sex doesn't get British asses perched in front of the telly, then we don't know mankind at all.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-12-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions, Television, Trends and Culture   

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