Digital Designers Face Off in Intel's Digital Drag Race


Ingredient brand Intel has decided to dip its toes in the lemming-filled waters of marketing nirvana, otherwise known as social media, with Digital Drag Race, a competition which pits professional digital designers against one another mixed with a consumer-generated aspect for non-professionals.

Launching November 17, a collection of professional designers will spend 70 minutes on a computer powered by the brand new Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Processor using Abobe Creative Suite 4 to create a 17 second motion graphic using supplied assets; video, music, vector images. The content of the videos are to center on the themes of power, speed and innovation.

After each race, judges will select competitors with the best final product. The first two digital drag races will be unveiled on the Digital Drag Race site on November 17th, after which site visitors will be able to view and vote for their favorite designs.

For the social media aspect of the program, other designers and artists will be able to download the same assets used in the competition to create their own 17 second masterpiece which can then be uploaded to a YouTube Channel. Those uploaded videos will also be featured on the Digital Drag Race site.

Razorfish developed the program and Ignite Social Media developed the social media portion of the campaign. Here's a sample video and here's the YouTube page where anyone can upload their 17 second video.

Someone please steal our Adrants logo (we can supply hi res) and make a cool seventeen minute video for us. Please? Pretty please?

In fact, let's host our own side competition. Whomever makes the best 17 second Adrants video will win...hmm...we'll think of something but we'll give you a ton of publicity. Who's in?

by Steve Hall    Nov-14-08   Click to Comment   
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