Google for Obama, SBUX Blamed for Economic Meltdown, SMS on Your Tab


- Like that other demi-god Oprah, Google takes a side in this tense, farcical battle for America's future.

- Speaking of Google, check out the drool-worthy exposure T-Mobile's getting on its homepage. (It's probably worth mentioning that Google serves over 71 percent of searches in the US.)

- By the way, did you know McCain's a Ford and Obama a BMW? Think on that while casting your ballot.

- Who should pay for sponsored texts? Verizon's threat to charge marketers raises the question.

- American Airlines' new advertising makes enemies, not friends.

- Why did the global economy melt like ice cream in the Sahara? Slate's Daniel Gross points a big fat finger at the obvious* scapegoat: Starbucks.

- Got a minute? Blow it on Booty Juggler, a folksy octopus pirate juggling game that takes some concentration. The objective: juggle time bombs, and your toys, as other -- potentially more important -- items fall toward you.


* Actually, I would never have guessed.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-23-08   Click to Comment   
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It is very clear that consumers are driven by promotions in the physical world to use the mobile device as a RESPONSE MECHANISM TO INTERACT WITH BRANDS!

At, we continue to see Mobile Response rates higher than 15% when Brands run radio, TV and traditional advertising with their Mobile Tag like 'Text BMW to 95613 for More Information".

The increase of Mobile Tagging, where marketers add their brandsí Keyword and Short Code (like 'BMW to 95613 for More Information") onto their brochures, collateral and marketing outreach, is similar to the use of URL tagging which happened at the onset of the Internet.

All the best - Scott

Scott Kline

Posted by: scott kline on October 24, 2008 11:00 AM