Dawn Whips Out the Jazz Hands ... and a Spongy Casanova


Dawn Hands Have Talent is a UGC contest to promote Dawn Hand Renewal, a dishwashing soap that "improves the look and feel of hands in just five uses." The site also includes a special offer for the soap and a dancing hand game you can play.

The image at left is from an entry titled "Handtasia," though I much prefer the vivacity of "Fingerlina."

It will amaze me if Dawn doesn't get rosy palm entries on this one. That mildly lecherous purple sponge, who just crooned "Mmmm, I wish I was in your sink right now" out of my speakers (and into my easily-warped imagination), doesn't help matters much.

Vote for your favourite hand-job (sorry, Dawn, couldn't help it) today! The winner will be announced November 24th.

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