Dolla Make You Holla!, Political A-Listers, Blogging sans Byline, Gyro's Self-Aggrandizing Promotional Oeuvre


- A handful of rich-ass celebrities use reverse psychology to cajole MySpace users into voting. What, does Jennifer Aniston not do it for you? Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio's poverty-ridden excuse for a blog will.

- The wife of David Warthen, founder of, is facing tax evasion charges on money she made while working as a hooker to pay for law school.

- Three thought-provoking reasons not to blog anonymously if you're gonna blog at all.

- Because there's nothing else to lob at it at the moment, Starbucks gets shit for its wasteful method of cleaning spoons.

- Hey neat, sandwiches shaped like hands. Kidfresh indeed.

- Gyro writes a book, stakes claim to viral marketing as well as the careers of Spike Jonze and Quentin Tarantino. Uh, yeah.

- You heard about the "citizen journalist" who gave Apple stock a tumble by printing a fake story about Steve Jobs' health, right? An attorney claims he could be looking at jailtime. More proof this cyber frontier remains a wild one.

- Before Ridley Scott rocked your world with Blade Runner, he made very exciting bread commercials for Hovis.

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