You Wouldn't Believe It, But This is An Ad for Rolling Paper


"The Fly in the Eye" follows in the tradition of old-school psychological horror cinema. Created by Cisma/Sao Paulo, it's the story of a man who, in his efforts to get rid of a fly, bends the constraints of reality and for some reason ends up with two irises in one socket.

Weird shit. The video concludes with "Always expect the unexpected!", followed by a link to

Black Thinking is itself a promotion. Its purpose is to encourage compulsive hoarders to start collecting the zany, ironic messages that come inside booklets of OCB Premium rolling paper. (I would if they were sold here. They remind me of Bazooka comics -- which I also collected -- except for grown-ups with a fondness for fusty nostalgia tributes.)

"We're preparing 6 new illustrations every quarter," the site promises. "So check at your tobacconist's and get them all!" Nice to know there's still some good clean fun to be had in the stigmatized realms of vice.

Oh, has your inner cinema buff gone all perky? See the making of "The Fly in the Eye."

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