TubeMogul Creates 'Dating Site' for Marketers and Content Producers


TubeMogul recently announced the launch of a new "dating site" for content producers and potential advertisers. It's called TubeMogul Marketplace and from its start, I see its value both as a marketer and as an avid content consumer.

With an incredible amount of content on the Web, digital marketers tasked with identifying potential partnership opportunities can be quickly overwhelmed. TubeMogul's own video distribution service allows anyone with a video file and several online video accounts to plaster the Web with his/her content. The de facto decision often comes down to selecting between a few producers who are so well known that they naturally surface as contenders.

However, some of the smartest partnerships result from identifying emerging talent or diversifying efforts and partnering with several small, niche producers that collectively have incredibly loyal and well-targeted audiences. TubeMogul Marketplace provides an efficient means of identifying these kinds of opportunities by allowing users to search its database of content producers by category, minimum views and basic primary audience demographics.

As a content consumer, I recently decided to get rid of my TV (and extra monthly cable bill) and rely solely on Web content for entertainment. While major broadcasters are doing a pretty good job of serving up content online, there are only so many episodes of Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy that I can take. So this ability to easily discover and follow original Web-based programming, is pretty cool.

According to NewTeeVee, TubeMogul isn't out to get a cut on any of the partnership deals that result from this service. Instead, it's using the service to drive traffic to its site as a whole.

by Amanda Mooney    Sep- 7-08   Click to Comment   
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