Shoot Clays, Cure Leukemia; LiveBar for Lifeless Websites; Pink Palin Kippahs; Crest Slogan Contest


- LiveBar makes static websites instantly interactive. Hooray! No work for you.

- Twenis. Hilarity.

- Yahoo tries hard to be kooky. "That's the problem with Yahoo: It thinks it's an iPod -- universally loved and carried around. But it's really a Mac -- a fine product nevertheless rejected by many."

- For the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Event, Rapp/LA sent would-be guests clay targets with a "message of hope." Make virtual ones. Sucks that you can't shoot them. We could all use a good branded version of Duck Hunt.

- Panties get all in a twist when the world discovers Palin hid certain digital correspondence from subpoenas. Le shock! Le shame! Le sigh.

- Ellen DeGeneres becomes CoverGirl model.

- Save Crest some money, upload a slogan.

- Shmuel Tennenhaus, the guy who enjoys making political kippahs, is now experimenting with online banner ads. Scared? Hold onto that feeling, you haven't yet seen A Yarmulke is Forever. Also see his new Sarah Palin lipstick kippah. Wear it to your next formal and bring the awkwardness to you!

- Lena Headey for PETA. "Please don't support circuses that use animals." That constricts my family entertainment options pretty significantly.

- Random message from the Adrants mail bag: "I can make my penis disappear under my flabby skin looks really weird but my girlfriend hates it." Uh, thanks, Brian Glowatski.

- Couchsurfing 2.0. Guessing who the deranged serial killers are is part of the fun!

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Angela: We certainly are trying make building community easier with the launch of LiveBar, but that doesn't excuse companies from developing clear business goals and a well-thought-out strategy for those communities. That's the important foundation work that will lead to success later on!

--Bryan Person
LiveWorld social media evangelist

Posted by: Bryan Person, LiveWorld on September 19, 2008 8:54 PM

Yahoo a Mac? Far from it. At best it's a Commodore VIC-20, a once functional product that even its adherents have long since abandoned for products roughly 10,000 times better.

No one knowingly chooses Yahoo. Eventually they'll figure that out, and then work on figuring out why. The first two letters of this web site are a clue.

Posted by: B on September 22, 2008 3:42 PM