Idiotic Levi's Commercial Ignores Innate Appreciation of Beauty


This Cutwater-created commercial for Levi's is stupid. Yes, it's not polite to stare and objectify by either sex but come on! We are all human. We are all sexually attracted to one another. It's natural. It's innate. It's normal. Just admiring the beauty of another human doesn't mean we are all lecherous sex maniacs deserving of a body slam. Sometimes it's just nice to look at and appreciate pretty things. It isn't always about dirty thoughts

And by the way, the pretty things who get looked at, male or female (which, by the way, that stupid PC ending in the commercial is just stupid), shouldn't always assume the onlooker is out for anything more than the pleasure one derives from looking at a beautiful painting in a museum.

Cut the scrap, Cutwater. Your sunglasses idiocy was better than this!

by Steve Hall    Sep- 1-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Commercials, Creative Commentary, Opinion   

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I don't think your perspective is right here... it's not that staring is offensive and the "leerers" are being punished. The point of view of that sometimes you see a body (or an ass, in this case) that "knocks you out". Haven't you ever seen a sweet can and have just been like, "wow... ba-bam!"? Well, that's the point of the ad--that these jeans will make people look at your ass and feel speechless, breathless, and knocked out.

And yeah, sure, some people, some times, look at a woman's ass and see it as a beautiful work of art... but that's not what this ad is about. It's about visceral, sexy, ba-bam!

Posted by: Emil on August 29, 2008 8:28 PM

Ha ha. What an odd, guilt-ridden perspective on this commercial. Maybe posting all those superfluous, only semi-relevant hot-girl stories on your blog is eating away at your subconscious.

But no need to defend your innate longings. I think the point of this spot is simply that the girl in question is "a knockout."

Posted by: observer on August 30, 2008 1:38 PM

Adrants--and previous posts--all miss the point.
While the ad is not very good or very original, yet it is certainly not the worst you will see out there, this very small idea will do nothing for a formerly iconic brand that has become virtually irrelevant.

Posted by: kagey on August 31, 2008 1:45 PM