'I Know a Lotta Ex-Homosexuals.'


"I know a lotta ex-straight guys too!"

At left is a promotional poster for Regent Releasing's Saving Marriage, a documentary that chronicles the two-year political odyssey leading to gay couples' right to wed in Massachusetts.

See trailer.

Set against a Pepto Bismol-pink background, a white car sports a "Just Married" wreath and cans on string. Clearly some couple had a happy day.

But the car is also garnished with bumper stickers and a protest sign. Because even on their happiest day -- one that should be free of worldly care -- gay couples remain painfully cognizant that getting married is just the beginning of a miserable journey: The legitimacy of their union will be challenged in nearly every state they visit.

I also liked the addition of the little lesbian and gay couples on the license plate. Set up to look like characters on bathroom signs, they make one last point: that the marital fate of these couples has remained largely in the crisp, dry hands of public policy.

That's some deep shit.

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not to be picky.. but that's no sports car.. clearly a Lincoln limo

Posted by: nixon on September 30, 2008 6:35 PM