AgencySpy Rips Diversity A New One


In a rant worthy of the early, pre-corporate days here at Adrants, AgencySpy's Superspy (thank God she's back) rips into the assholes of, well, assholes whose twisted minds are still living on some early American Southern plantation and can't seem to realize "black folk" are not some alien race that just landed and that must continuously be probed and pigeonholed.

In a list of eleven "Dont's," SuperSpy attempts to right wrongs regarding pre-conceived notions and assumptions that, in most cases, make white people look pretty silly. Briefly: don't touch the hair, don't assume she has family in the Caribbean if she's traveling there, don't ask her if she tans, don't assume she knows every black celebrity, don't tell her she speaks well as if she's supposed to sound black which to the idiot asking would be a bad thing, don't trot her out to clients as the "token black" and don't assume she's wrong when she says a campaign skews too white.

Tasty stuff. Give it a read and then examine your own, perhaps unintentional, inappropriate behavior...and adjust accordingly.

by Steve Hall    Sep-24-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Opinion   

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Yeah, I get the tan thing a lot. It's stupid but I think it's just a manifestation of anxiety: people digging around for common ground, grabbing onto whatever they can find.

An off-color joke (ha.) usually shows the person the "Do you tan?" question is lame without destroying the relationship.

Posted by: Angela on September 24, 2008 9:59 PM