Earfl A Fail Whale on Arrival, Mad Men Stylizes, Honda Guesses


- Jolie O'Dell unleashes her wrath upon Twitterphone wannabe Earfl with five reasons why it's a Fail Whale on arrival.

- PROOF-it-ONLINE's inMotion is a new tool creators of video and animation can use to better collaborate and manage the approval process.

- American Copywriter thinks AMC's Mad Men will influence Madison Avenue agency fashion in a pendulum swing away from casual Friday's everyday.

- Is Anheuser Busch marketing to kids at Seaworld? With branded faucets and hospitality center bars, one person thinks so.

- Dirty Car Advertising the next Assvertising?

- To promote its Crave crossover vehicle, Honda is doing one of those 20 question guessing game things.

- The new Ben Stiller movie Rain of Madness is hoping to get some YouTube love with promotional videos seeded by Rubber Republic.

- There's talk Glad will stop advertising to save money due to the rising cost of oil which is needed to make the bags.

- Ciul. Does anyone really care? Does anyone really think it will amount to more than a pimple on Google's ass?

- The almost sorta but not really recession is beginning to take a bite out of media company revenues.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-08   Click to Comment   
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Anheiser Busch: How dare a company place their logo on something that they subsidized. I mean really people. A logo with an "A" and a big bird on a fountain isn't going to do harm. I tell you what will most definitely do more harm is the nonsense sicko programming that puts kid in a trance as they watch multi color nonexistent animals bounce around a screen speaking in a made up language.

Posted by: Austinite on August 1, 2008 4:17 PM