CK Pushes Sweatsuits, IE8 Eats Cookies, Google Dinners Seized, Cho Gets Show


- Calvin Klein hopes a new e-commerce subsite will help it unload some "white label" (that is, very expensive but still mostly nylon and cotton) sports gear.

- For marketers hoping to retain a healthy base of Internet Explorer users, IE8 might turn cookies into a sometimes friend. Its InPrivate feature blocks them and automatically clears users' browsing histories once they end a session. Some writers are fondly calling it "porn mode."

- Free din-din at Google: officially off-limits, unless you happen to be an engineer. Not to worry, less twitchy Googlers won't starve. Lunch and breakfast remain a perk.

- PhotoShelter is selling some of its photographers' work as limited-edition art. Check out the existential phone booth.

- The DNC is stripper-friendly. Yeah, baby, yeah.

- Margaret Cho, our favorite crass Korean (for lack of other viable options), landed her own VH1 reality sitcom. It'll be called The Cho Show. See her win awards and prattle about pot with her parents. That's cool and all, but will The Cho Show outlast Keeping Up with the Kardasians?

- Chick-fil-A, a Christ-centred fast food joint with tasty chicken burgers and waffle fries, is debuting its first-ever text-based campaign in Houston. Until September 25, users can text "Chicken" to 777111 to be entered in a raffle to win a year-supply of three-count Chick-n-Minis.

- Take Me to Your Leader, written by director Freddie Laker of digital strategy at Sapient, is another Mad Ave.-trashing tech/marketing blog.

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