Tat Yer Teeth, Swig Vodka with Tim and Eric, Talks Stocks with Bingo Players


- Nonesuch Records redesigned its site so artists can "directly" interact with fans. Created by Sisu and branding partner Axiom.

- We were checking email and minding our own business when Gay List Daily suggested we put a cock in our mouth. "Or 32 if you're feelin' crazy." It was appalling. And then we realized they were talking about tooth tattoos -- the low-key variation of a rapper's grill, but just as expensive if you're fickle.

- ABSOLUT Vodka is doing some weird shit right now. Its current online video campaign features Tim and Eric from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job. (It's totally off-putting, but you gotta stick with it.) "I only made cookies for three..." Bloody hilarious. If you're not down with Tim and Eric, you're making baby Jesus cry.

- Our in-house British homie just made an interesting point. Tim and Eric are sort of like The Scousers. The humor's dated, but they've definitely got the awkwardness, the stupid hair and the violent tag-team thing going on.

- Speaking of stodgy and British, Tamba.co.uk sent us this would-be viral for Wink Bingo, where geriatric pensioners from Cockham (!) talk stocks. (And if you're wondering WTF "Shake 'n' Vac" is, it refers to this throwback ad wonder.)

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