Sorry, Quiksilver, We Already Have One Self-Esteem Fund


Quiksilver's inviting Real Women! from All Walks of Life! on a Creative Journey! to promote its new line of women's clothing. The subsite includes a hyper-bohemian product preview and postcard gallery, where you can download warm fuzzy (and pink!) messages like "Sometimes finding your destination means trying on all the options." Gotta love a clothing pun.

The campaign is targeted to fresh-outta-college women in a state of quarter-life crisis. "Our purpose was to inspire not only the apparel Quiksilver was going to design for this journey, but create a brand idea that celebrates the experience of defining yourself in the world as an intelligent, creative, independent woman," rambled John Boiler of agency 72andSunny.

Toward this noble goal, Quiksilver's LA location (SiteLA) hosts six female "Visionaries in Residence" -- sorta like Pythias with fingerpaint: a fashion blogger, an artist, a bicycling activist, an architect, an automotive designer and a musician.

See promo film. "Bountiful, blissful, beautiful. Bountiful, blissful, beautiful." ...Yeah. Rings better than Dove's flat "I promise to think of myself as beautiful" pledge, though.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-18-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Trends and Culture   

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