Life Changing Box For Sharp Aquos TV?


The promise of the extraordinary. The surprise of something new. The power to bring change. It's... It's... It's... Life Changing Box, a Lowe-created site and Facebook game that involves a box, co-ordinated game play and prizes. Beginning today and running for a month, no one's saying who it's for right now so, if you care, you're just going to have to play the game and wait.

It's all fairly intricate but here are some overview points from the release:

  • There are 10 boxes total in the game
  • To gain possession of a box, users use a currency called a Touch
  • All players get 24 "Touches" per day
  • Each Touch enters the player into a Round
  • At the beginning of each Round, the box will randomly jump to one of the players who entered that Round
  • The player given the box holds it for the entirety of the Round, which lasts between 30 minutes and 8 hours, randomly decided by the application
  • If the box doesn't open in a Round for the player, a new Round will begin and everyone must Touch the box again to participate
  • 20 prizes will be awarded with values ranging from $400 to $14,000
  • If you invite a friend to the application and they win, you win a duplicate prize

Let's hope it is actually life changing and not some lame promotion for some lame brand. All the details are here, the box is here and the game is here.

According to the "official rules" section of the Facebook application, promotional marketing agency Marden-Kane is involved in the creation of the game.

Based on many of the provided keywords and the reaction from the box when those words are typed in, the promotion seems to have something to do with baseball and or television. In a Digg thread that's following the site, one commenter posits it's for the Sharp Aquos TV. All the elements of the site and game seem to confirm that but we'll just have to wait to be sure.

Not that anything that has to do with baseball or television could really be seen as life changing, however, this is marketing and we like to make a big deal out of things that are, well, just not that big a deal.While we may have to wait a while for confirmation as to who's behind Life Changing Box, the promotion is very well put together so we might as well enjoy it while the fun lasts.

by Steve Hall    Jun-12-08   Click to Comment   
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