Coke Tags Social Media With Coke Tag


Working with The Advance Guard and Linkstorm. Coke has launched Coke Tags, a widget and Facebook application, currently in beta, which lets people aggregate various forms of content and share it by placing the widget on their Facebook page, blog and OpenSocial social networking sites.

The Coke Tag, apart from the obvious promotion of Coke is also promoting we8, "an artistic and cultural exchange, uniting eight of China's most exciting artists and design firms with eight of the West's most progressive musicians to design a vision and soundtrack that celebrates the infinite possibilities that await when the doors are flung open between East and West."

Way back in the pre-social networking days, SBC did a similar thing called Project D.U. (no linger live), a desktop RSS reader populated by feeds from weblogs in six categories and branded by SBC. It wasn't a widget or a Facebook app but it followed a similar path: share and engage in the social aspects of online media.

Coke's Coke Tag amps it up a bit taking advantage of current social media technology and online behavior. Whether or not people will enjoy yet another branded Facebook app is unclear but hey, that never stopped brands from collecting thousand of friends on their MySpace and Facebook pages.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-08   Click to Comment   
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This kind of reminds me of the ad campaigns that both Coke and McDonald's would run during the Cold War. There's definitely some branding magic to a big bad capitalist brand reaching out to the market socialists and all.

Besides, maybe this will help fix their Google reputation:

Posted by: CT Moore on June 10, 2008 1:59 PM