'What Men Need to Know' is for Online Lad Mag. O RLY?


As promised in frustratingly obtuse video teasers like this one, "What Men Need to Know" unveiled its secret sponsor today.

And it's ...

TORO MAGAZINE, everybody! True to the promise of its advertising, Toro plans to deluge future newsletter subscribers with things men apparently need to know, including:

- Chris Noth's secret life as co-owner of Once Upon a Teacup.

- The talent most coveted by the girl best known for getting her boob creamed-on in this Bailey's ad.

- Why Rambo deserves respect.

But wait, there's video too.

In one of the unsolicited emails we've come to expect from those eager beavers, Toro thanked us for our "indulgence" during the "What Men Need to Know" campaign.

"What do men need to know? Simply that we are going to give it our best shot," it concluded.


The unexpected humility of that statement compelled me to linger on the site. Then I read an article comparing cockfights to mixed martial arts and decided to leave.

In any case, and considering "What Men Need to Know" was characterized primarily by its objectively stupid videos, the articles -- which range from Rambo to man-feminism -- seem surprisingly solid and well-written.

by Angela Natividad    May-21-08   Click to Comment   
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