Deep Focus CEO Auctions Off Experimental Twitter Sponsorship


Deep Focus CEO and avid Twitter user Ian Schafer is, as an experiment, auctioning off sponsorship of his Twitter profile and feed. The sponsorship will consist of a branded background image and the replacement of his icon with an image of the brand's choice.

Shafer has set the starting bid at $400. Let's do some math. $400 for one month. Schafer has 377 followers. He tweets 8-10 times per day. If we assume those days to be weekdays, that's about 200 tweets per month (10 tweets X 20 days). Using old-school metrics, the sponsorship will deliver 3,770 impression per day or 75,400 per month. Matching that to the $400 cost nets a CPM of $5.31.

If you view this as a B to B buy, that's not so bad. Otherwise, it's a bit high and higher if the bid actually goes anywhere. Math aside, I applaud the experimental effort. If anything, Evan Williams over at Twitter will wake up one day and scream, "Damn, we need a revenue stream! Get that Schafer dude on the phone right now!"

by Steve Hall    May-28-08   Click to Comment   
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I officially offer to under cut him.

$300 gets you all of that on my profile, but with 769 followers. That's a $1.95 CPM.

Also, I'll donate it all to charity.

Contact me here:

Posted by: Peter Corbett on May 28, 2008 2:12 PM

Of course, I will donate all proceeds to charity. I honestly didn't even think someone would take me up on the offer (no bidders yet). I was just hoping to get a conversation started.

And yes, Steve. I backed out to that $5 CPM on purpose.

I'll modify my blog post to reflect my charitable nature.

Posted by: Ian Schafer on May 28, 2008 3:53 PM