CEO Uses Daughter's Ass on Billboard, Rossellini Has Sex With Bugs


- It's got to be a creepy thing to use one's daughter's ass in one's corporate advertising but there it is: the ass of 36 year old Laurie Adams, daughter of Georgi vodka CEO.

- Following AdWeek, MediWeek has unveiled its new website which mirrors the look of the new AdWeek quite closely.

- Previously a no no, yesterday's change in Google's terms and conditions now allows brands to mention competing brand names in their ads.

- Tom Waits takes a decidedly different approach to announcing his summer concert tour in this amusing press conference.

- PopularMedia has announced its Social Media Marketing Suite, which "helps companies leverage online word of mouth channels to deliver leads, sales and revenue growth through trusted consumer social networks."

- If you're into special effect commercials, you might like this new Absolut commercial from TBWA\Chiat\Day eith vfx by MassMarket.

- Isabella Rossellini has sex with bugs. OK, not really but she stars with them in two new Sundance Channel promotions.

- Former Bluelithium head dude Gurbaksh Chahal is at it again. After having sold Bluelithium for $300 million, Gurbaksh has launched ecommerce shopping site gWallet.

by Steve Hall    May- 6-08   Click to Comment   
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