Statistical Fodder for Your Next Creative Brief!


- The Economist takes No.1 in AdweekMedia's Annual Hot List, up from No. 10 last year -- the biggest jump on a list otherwise dominated by women's lifestyle titles.

- 33 percent of iPhone users are cheating on Steve Jobs with other handset makers.

- Advertising affects prescriptions more than science does. Hrm. *Checks medicine cabinet* Yeah.

- The Apple brand makes the biggest impact on global consumers. (Yawn.) Those most in need of brand refurbishing were Microsoft and the United States. Mommy, why does the world hate us?

- More than 90 percent of email is spam. By the way, the term "spam" was coined 15 years and 2 days ago.

- Kids love social networks. O RLY? Thanks for the insight, champs.

- Joffrey's, a coffee hub that launched a "beta" tasting program for bloggers, has released survey results on coffee trends in the blogosphere. More on that.

Joffrey's java beta drinking habits, based on a survey of 1,000 bloggers (including us!):

Average age of Java Beta Tester: approximately 31.5 years old

Coffee preferences:


93% prefer regular, 7% prefer decaf
59% prefer traditional coffee, 41% prefer flavored coffee
Cups of coffee per day:
1-2 = 45%
2-4 = 35%
4+ = 20%
Sweetener and cream preferences:
Cream + sweetener = 50%
Black = 25%
Cream only = 19%
Sweetener only = 6%

And in other news, says coffee was once perceived as a treatment for the plague. And scurvy! Yum.

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