Social Media Kicks the Ass of Old Media

Who's This Pompous Idiot?

Want to hear an interesting conversation about social media and it's impact on marketing, advertising, public relations and journalism? Want to know how the role of public relations is changing in the world of public relations? Want to explore the differences in mentality between new media and old? Want to now whether or not it's sinful to publish a story before every last detail of the story is known? Want to know why readers, who are now commenters, are so important to the whole of the story? Then give this podcast a listen.

Tech PR War Stories is hosted by David Strom and Paul Gillin. In this anniversary edition of the podcast, recorded at the offices of Lois Paul & Partners, I was joined by Adams Capital Management General Partner Bill Freeza, business writer Bob Scheier, Lois Paul & Partners President Lois Paul and Lois Paul & Partners SVP Ted Weismann.

Gillin summed up the essence of the podcast well, writing, "The debate got quite spirited at points, with Bob Scheier and Steve Hall famously facing off over the ethics of fact checking. Venture capitalist Bill Frezza had the quote of the evening: "We are in the post-integrity age of journalism." And Lois Paul and Ted Weismann of LPP recounted with resignation the frustration of convincing clients that it's about more than just the Wall Street Journal these days."

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-08   Click to Comment   
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SO here's a "Behold the power of AdRants" question: I'm wondering what kind of a bump in subscribers the Tech PR Wars podcast gets/got as a result of this post?

Might be worth following it for a little while, and see if the coverage on AdRants benefits their podcast in the long run.

Posted by: Brian Harrison on April 8, 2008 1:54 PM