Young Guns Calls, Facebook Beds, Typeface Yourself, Halle Berry Smells


- The Art Director's Club is holding its 6th annual Young Guns Awards. Call for entries opens April 3 and the judges consist of previous Young Guns winners.

- The Facebook application My Perfect Bedroom, created by TAMBA, lets you sex up your virtual bedroom...for you graduates of Disney's Webkinz.

- Have a little fun with the Extensis Typematching game where you can determine which typeface you are and match yourself to other typefaced (damn, there's a creative social network in that name somewhere!) people.

- Today, everyone's talking about Christvertising. We mentioned it back in December. Come on people!

- Now this billboard promoting New Zealand's premiere of American Psycho with an image of George Bush is just funny.

- HP? Goodby, Silverstein & Partners? McGarryBowen? A new CMO? Now that's a recipe for some gossip.

- The Mark Zuckerberg SXSW keynote fiasco expressed Bitstrips-style.

- U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Novick continues to do weird campaign things like, oh, launching a politically endorsed beer.

- is at it again with it's Obama in 30 Seconds promotion which calls for people to create their own Obama ads.

- Coty has hooked up with Halle Berry to market her namesake fragrance.

by Steve Hall    Mar-14-08   Click to Comment   
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Yeah, I know you mentioned "Christertising" back in December... But you thought it was for real... Angela told me so!

Posted by: george parker on March 15, 2008 5:10 PM