Taglines Analyzed, Ads Pumped, Songs Given

- If your looking to create that perfect tagline, you might want to check out Nick Padmore's analysis of 115 taglines dubbed the best by some ad wankers in 2000. He's come up with five key points which make a great tagline.

- MediaBuyerPlanner reports, "Internet advertising revenues exceeded $5.2 billion in the third quarter of 2007 - yet another historic high for a quarter and a $1.1 billion increase, or 25.3 percent, over Q3 2006."

- I'll have a GAP ad with that tank of Super Unleaded and a Coke ad with that bag of Doritos.

- According to "a person with knowledge of the situation," FOX has but two spots left to sell during the Super Bowl. Death of the :30? Not in February.

- CPXinteractive has donated 50 million online impressions each for the Save Darfur and Live Earth causes.

- OK so Imus is coming back to radio. Does anyone on this planet care?

- Wendy's, in partnership with Rhapsody is giving away 100 million songs through December to anyone who buys a medium or large combo meal.

by Steve Hall    Nov-14-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions, Research, Tools, Video   

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