Here's Something That Involves Mobile Phones, Horny Pigs and Germans


This microsite is for Debitel AG and it was built by Robert & Horst. We've deduced it has something to do with getting a new mobile number every 30 seconds. Maybe.

The million-dollar question is, why does the lei'd pig get laid until she's red-faced after a disembodied voice says "Hello"? That really puzzles the shit out of us.

Update: Adrants reader Angela from Germany has kindly elaborated. The text reads, "Every thirty seconds a cheap number." But the expression used for "cheap number" also means "quickie," which is why the pigs get down and dirty after 30 seconds go by.

Thanks, Angela.


by Angela Natividad    Nov-18-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Mobile/Wireless, Online, Strange   

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Hey Angela,

it's Angela from Germany and I can answer your question. The sign (counter) says "Alle dreißig Sekunden ne billige Nummer" which has two meanings in German:

1. "Every thirty seconds a cheap number" (I guess they refer to a cheap calling rate wihtin the first 30 seconds of a call) and - as you might guess by now -
2. The 'cheap number' in "Every thirty seconds a cheap number" also means quickie (-> "Every thirty seconds a quickie")!

So that's why the pigs are enjoying themselves every 30 seconds anew ;)

Hope I could explain the problem ;)


Posted by: Angela on November 19, 2007 8:22 AM