Objectification of Ass Condemned, Supported, Condemned, Supported...


Copyranter directs our attention to yet another gratuitous use of ass in advertising. With absolutely no relation to its purpose, the Technical University of Munich career forum chose to find hot booty, photograph it and display it purely to attract attention. Oh wait, that sounds like we're complaining. Because we're not.

Oh but wait! We are. We have to. It's out job. We simply must rail against the objectification of women (and their amazingly beautiful asses) in advertising. It's despicable. It's shameful. It's Neanderthal. It's a blight on the fine, upstanding morals of the advertising industry and absolutely will not be tolerated! It sickens us to think a fabulous piece of ass like this would be reduced to an OMFG-inducing ad.

Surely the creators of this ad should stow away their dicks and bend over for a flogging from the hundreds of cause groups which would gladly line up for their chance to spank the asses of these Mad Men. Oh wait. they might like that. Maybe they should just be banned from Cannes for a year. Now that would injure an ego-driven creative far more than an ass tapping...uh...spanking.

Oh but wait! If creatives put their dicks away, there's be no ads like this to upset cause groups. There's be no flogging, no spanking and no cause group outrage. Now what fun would that be?

by Steve Hall    Sep-24-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Opinion, Racy, Trends and Culture   

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Some creatives don't have dicks. Some creatives are actually creative and manage to attract attention without reducing half of humanity to a "fabulous piece of ass".

Posted by: Owl on September 24, 2007 4:47 PM

Oh I agree completely, Owl

Posted by: Steve Hall on September 24, 2007 7:06 PM