Advertising Evolves, Women Hotter Than Beer


Who says advertising objectifies women? Certainly not The Ranch which is very kind to women keeping them nice and hot as opposed to letting them get cold like the beer they serve. How compassionate. How understanding. How forward thinking. How evolved! This objectification of women is just a bunch of hogwash (as I guess people who'd go to The Ranch would say), right?

by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Opinion, Outdoor, Trends and Culture   

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While the debate can continue whether or not advertising objectifies women, there is no denying the fact that advertising to women can be a winning proposition.
Ask someone who has advertised on Sponsored Links ( on ( and you'll know.
The site demographics shows a predominant female ( visitor count.
With a lot of suggestions for advertisers to target the women audience
What Do Women Want? (
Are You Writing to a Female Audience? (
Men Shop, Women Buy (
looks like its time the model given a try.

Posted by: Keiith on September 12, 2007 5:16 AM