Dell Reviews, Disney Buys Club Penguin, Deutsch Huffs, Sex Still Sells


- Dell's $760 million account is up for grabs and everyone wants it.

- Disney just gave the three Canadian dads who launched Club Penguin $350 million with another $350 million on the way in 2009.

- Catch Speedo King Donny Deutsch and uber political commentator Arianna Huffington at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas September 30 - October 2 when they speak at the Electronic Retailing Association convention.

- BL Ochman tells us how one brand, Kryptonite Lock, has improved its handling of social media outbursts dramatically since 2004 when it was awarded Business 2.0's Dumbest Business Moment of the Year Award.

- Reverse Cowgirl points us to an analysis of recent sex-laced advertising from American Apparel, GoDaddy and CSI Miami.

- PodTech Director of Corporate Media Strategy Jeremiah Owyang points to a Times Online list of top ten viral videos which include Agent Provocateur, Carton Draught's Big Ad and Dove Evolution.

- Jet Blue will be playing "Times On Air," the airline's new in-flight video magazine from the newspaper's TimesTalks events section along with articles and multimedia from

- Strumpette has an open call for for nominees for its PR Douche-Bag Award. Cute.

- DoubleClick plans to make online banner creation easier with the introduction of a teaser ad unit that, apparently, is easy to create allows for the simple embedding of video.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-07   Click to Comment   
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