'Hide This Thing' Wants to Create 'Easter Egg' Language


Like hidden dirty images in family-friendly Disney posters, easter eggs have always been a favorite of designers the world over to express, perhaps a twisted sense of humor or, simply, to just have fun. Now, apparently, Hide This Thing wants to create a community around the practice and even create a common visual easter egg language of sorts. Like a digital flash mob, Hide This Thing hopes to create mass appearances of various objects inside TV commercials, print ads, websites and anything else a creative lays his hands on.

We do wonder though if "making official" easter eggs doesn't detract from exactly what they are supposed to be: crazy one-offs that express something the individual was feeling at the moment of creation. You decide.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Guerilla, Trends and Culture   

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Your point about "official" easter eggs is a very valid point and one that I wrestled with when creating the site.

Ultimately I decided that even though the act of hiding this "thing" in a creative project is very much like that of hiding easter eggs, it's also a little more than that. It's more like being in on a common joke with a creative community. In fact, I encourage participants to continue with their own easter egg hiding. There'll be a place at the Thingatorium for them to share those as well.

Posted by: Jeremy Fuksa: Creative Generalist on July 2, 2007 2:15 PM