But Alltel, Wireless Guys Aren't Geeky; They Wear Pomade, Like You


Brentter was recently sent the latest iteration of the Alltel Wireless ad series, which improves upon the earlier set by adding more geektacularity to the personalities of its wireless competitors.

We agree that the new series is better (the "we could learn to be archers" reference in this acknowledges films-gone-geeky like Lord of the Rings and Napoleon Dynamite), and the campaign's definitely drawn the roving eyes of friends seeking to change wireless plans.

But we haven't actually met anyone who's made the switch. To get right down to it, our wireless carriers are already personified by the mobile mongers hanging out at the vendor stands at the mall. And oddly, none of them are geeky. They all bear the slick countenance of the guy used to personify the Alltel brand itself.

We do not trust that Alltel guy.

Anwho, here's another spot dubbed Alice, which has that weird "we control her world - and she loves us for it" fantasy shit going on. Brentter has more if the campaign totally turns you on.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-25-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Mobile/Wireless   

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