Once Again Boobs And Beer Subject of Complaint


About six months too late, boob haters are complaining about that Australian Hahn boob ad in which a women, after frolicking lovingly in the waves with her man, draws a heart in the sand only to have the man, as men will do, edit the heart image into a less threatening (to a man) image of boobs. Also subject of complaints is the online component of the campaign which has a video up hand-cupped boobs which turn out to be man boobs and closes with the tag, "Boobs, great on women. Not so good on men."

So while obese and cavalier, love-shy men are mocked, the uptights have turned the whole thing into an objectification of women scenario. We think each sex was equally slammed in this campaign and don't see a problem here. Australia does have some rules that state liquor ads can't suggest the product improves sexual success or discriminate against anyone on the basis of sex. Yup. It's all a matter of interpretation but we prefer to think most people enjoy innocent fun-having over long, drawn out politically correct discussions about the horrors of highlighting the female breast.

by Steve Hall    Jun-13-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Trends and Culture   

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