Advertising Week Event to Advance Diversity in Advertising


Continuing our quest to open the advertising industry to a more diverse group of people, Adrants along with Business Development Institute and the organizers of Advertising Week 2007 will host Experienced Hire Diversity Recruiting Program during Advertising Week September 25-28, 2007. The event, unlike our two previous diversity in advertising events, will "focus solely on advancing the presence of mid to senior level diversity leaders in the communication industries by offering individual companies the opportunity to exclusively recruit top level experienced professionals through private one and half hour recruiting sessions."

BDI will organize private and confidential mini job fairs for each recruiting sponsor where they will be the only recruiter involved (no other agencies will be present). This will address issues of privacy and confidentiality for the attending job candidates, of whom, the majority we expect to be still employed. Each agency will have its own time slot and will not compete with any other agency during that time.

BDI is offering a 15 percent early bird discount off the standard price of $10,000 for recruiting sponsors who sign up before July 13th, 2007. Get all the details here (PDF).

If there's ever been an opportunity for the advertising industry to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to advancing the cause of diversity, this would be it. And no, Adrants doesn't get the $10,000 from each agency. We have an annual partnership agreement with Business Development Institute to participate in the series of diversity-related events the organization has and will hot this year.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-07   Click to Comment   
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