Rubel Reprimanded, Lonelygirl15 Spins, Mamet Directs


- PC Magazine editor in chief gives Steve Rubel an earful over a comment he made about the magazine on Twitter. Steve Rubel responds.

- Cynopisis reports, "Google CEO Eric Schmidt mentioned his company was 'very close' to releasing a new digital filtering system called "Claim Your Content" that would automatically identify copyrighted content via audio and video fingerprinting technology. Speaking at a keynote session at NAB, he claimed two or three partners are currently testing the tools. Schmidt also said that YouTube is also working on a video advertising network that will involve pre-roll and post-roll spot ads."

- Lonelygirl15 has birthed a spin off called KateModern which will follow the life of a London university student.

- Tonight on American Idol don't miss the new Ford commercial directed by David Mamet.

- DDB Canada has taken a unique approach to equating the death-causing characteristics of HIV and Cancer with Street Gangs.

- Mochila, the company that will solve all contextual advertising's ills is debuting a new content syndication service for publishers.

- Who needs an expensive ad agency when you have YouTube digital maestros making your Converse ads for you?

by Steve Hall    Apr-17-07   Click to Comment   
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