Axe Does Million Dollar Homepage, May Regret It


It had to happen and who better to do it than Axe. We're sure you're familiar with Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage phenomenon that actually did make a million and with the thousands of other copycats that made nothing close. Now, Axe has done what it does best: find a way to work a scantily-clad babe into every piece of marketing they do with their own million dollar homepage-ish effort. While we think Smash My Viper did a similar thing better with their own collection of scantily-clad babes, this Axe effort has extended itself to answering machine foolery and a video in which a Portuguese Brazilian model strips on webcam. This being YouTube, and not Dailymotion, she, of course, does not strip all the way down to nothing. No matter, the 15 year olds will love this one.

As successful as their marketing has been, Axe might want to consider changing their strategy if they want to remain the number one selling body spray. For a while, we've been hearing some serious backlash to the position Axe has made or itself with high school girls laughing at any guy who wears the stuff. And that's bad. Nothing will change a guy's behavior more than a girl laughing at him. Be warned, Axe. The revolution may have begun.

by Steve Hall    Apr-17-07   Click to Comment   
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I have just launched my own Million Dollar Homepage. It's not an exact copy of the pixel page, but it's a similar concept. At the time I'm writing this, I've made $30.00 -- The site was launched yesterday.

Leonard Wass

Posted by: Leonard Wass on May 11, 2007 2:07 AM

These guys are my heroes.

Posted by: Frank Gilroy on June 3, 2007 9:21 PM