Hillary Goes Viral, Obama Still Has More Friends


If you've ever harbored a politician payola fantasy or simply wanted your vote to count, Hillary Clinton gives you the Count Every Vote Act, her (hopefully) viral attempt to turn every American into a foot-stomping, vote-seizing "citizen co-sponsor" - not for her campaign but for the right to vote itself. (And don't forget to send to a friend.)

Well, it doesn't take a marketing douche to say it's always nice to have the addresses of several thousand online supporters on file and at the ready for a slew of e-mail blasts pre-2008. ZDNet notes, "The Clinton 'I need you to be my legislative co-sponsor' exhortation recalls the Web 2.0 cliche 'users are in control.'"

We remember what the internet did for Howard Dean, but like chilled job candidates politicians are a lot savvier about how this hyperspeed knitting circle works. We mentioned before that Obama launched his own social networking site, but Hillary and other candidates (including McCain!) beware - he's winning the MySpace buddy battle too. Ooh, it's getting hot in here.

If MySpace hype is any indication of who ought to be in office, maybe we should all vote Tila into office. She can't sing worth a damn but remains the social networking It girl. Plus, she's allegedly kicked her fair share of awry arses. Take that, Axis of Evil. Don't make us get the Tequila.

by Angela Natividad    Mar-16-07   Click to Comment   
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