Compete Compares Captivation Currency in Consumer Creation Craze


Consumer-generated "marketing campaigns" are hot this Super Bowl season, an indication of either curiosity, desperation or laziness which may contribute in part to big brands' decisions to shy away from this year's pigskin adfest.

Lending legitimacy to this lame attempt at representing their companies, Compete compiled some data on which consumer-gens are faring best and worst this close to the cut.

The contenders:

Chevy: Super Bowl Ad Challenge
Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl
NFL: Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever. Seriously.

And the winner? Doritos wins the cake pre-game in terms of unique visitors. We're not sure why. Maybe people were into the yelling coach. Or else there are more orange fingers out there than even we thought, post-Atkins.

In any event, Chevy sucked the hardest, which is what we expected, which made us happy. To be fair, none of these campaigns deserve to win on a scale of anything besides one that reflects competing capacities for the uninspired.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 2-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2007, Trends and Culture   

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