Graffiti Film Promoted With Mobile Phone Wallpaper


Benjamin Morgan, director of graffiti documentary Quality of Life, has entered a promotional and grass roots fund raising deal with Start Mobile, a company that provides downlaodable art from emerging and underground artists for use as cell phone wallpaper. The deal calls for StartMobile to offer and promote still images from Quality of Life.

Quality of Life Producer Brant Smith explains the choice of StartMobile as a promotional vehicle saying, "We can't afford billboards or TV spots. But if we can get our stills and promotional materials on thousands of cell phones across the country...we won't need to spend money on ads like Hollywood films do. Our audience doesn't care about print and TV ads. They're on-line and on their mobiles."

He's right. The mobile phone, now and when companies like Apple and Creative along with cell phone makers get beyond initially poor efforts at combining the mobile phone with the MP3 player, will become the single most important medium surpassing even television.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless   

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right, cuz all the baggy pantsers who download the latest thingamaob onto their mobile are going to spend their 12 bucks at their local indie/art house/foreign film house and not on, say, weed for example.

Posted by: a35mmlife on December 22, 2005 1:36 AM