McGraw-Hill to Sell Textbook Ads

Likely to be viewed with as much acceptance as Catholic nuns running around in thongs, textbook publisher McGraw-Hill Ryerson plans to sell ads in textbooks used by Canadian college students. So in the middle of college physics when Brad Pitt stares up and asks, "Honey, Want A Heineken," the professor shouldn't be all that surprised when all the females in class suddenly start squirming in their seats completely forgetting that E=MC2.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Publishing   

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These ad pages should be ripped out of the textbooks and thrown onto a pile to be burned.
Much like Col. Kurtz's story about the innoculated arms of children.
"The horror.."
A pox on these greed-addled simpletons.

Posted by: KRank on June 9, 2005 11:22 PM

Not only do students have to pay for the text - but also the extra cost of the ad pages. Or can we gurantee that textbooks will become noticeably cheaper as a result - and pigs may fly!!

Posted by: barbara on June 14, 2005 4:17 AM