Montel's Daughter Promotes Vegetarian Cafeteria Options


If the children of celebrity chanteurs can draw a crowd to a promo, why not the children of celebrity talk show hosts?

In an ad slated to debut tonight during ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager, 14-year-old Wyntergrace Williams will urge Congress to amend the Child Nutrition Act to require the inclusion of vegetarian options in school lunch lines.

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by Angela Natividad    Aug-24-09    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity, Commercials, Political, Television

Quilmes: So Tasty, You'll Sacrifice Your :30 in Adland


"Hey big nose. I think we're in a Quilmes spot."

Young & Rubicam make good in the comically self-aware "Spot," where two guys at a club look around and discover, by virtue of the gimmicks they recognize from beer ads, that they're living in an ad for Quilmes, a brand of Argentinian beer.

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by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-09    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Good, Trends and Culture

'Perfect Day' Yields Less-than-Perfect Piece


Peugeot puts the pedal to the melodrama in "Perfect Day," a frosty but soft piece for its Crossover 3008 with Grip Control Technology. (We're not really sure what that is but if it aids in the creation of perfect vinyls in the sand, then hey, why not.)

The ad wraps up with the words "NEW TECHNOLOGY. NEW RESPONSABILITY." Props for the minimalist take, but that idea probably could've been delivered with a pinch more grace and the CAPS LOCK light off. Also, not sure where this will air, but "responsibility" is spelled like so when written in English (as opposed to "responsabilite" in French). Easy mistake to make, but somebody should've been watching out; to English-speaking audiences, it looks clumsy.

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by Angela Natividad    Aug-19-09    
Topic: Bad, Campaigns, Commercials

Underwear-Clad Roller Girls. Yea, It's Another Underwear Ad


It's really difficult to write about something as frivolous as an underwear commercial after having viewed this emotionally-charged campaign for safe driving but, alas, it's our job to bring you the advertising goods.'s a Bond Underwear commercial in which a group of perfect-bodied women go rollerskating - in their underwear, of course - seventies style

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-09    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Fashion Sale Trumps Fiance's Well Being


Some women (oops. excuse us, PC police, some people) will take any chance they can get to score a discount on the latest in fashion. Even if it means forgoing the safety of a loved one. But we're not quite sure anyone would really know what to do with a ransom message that arrived on a VHS tape. That's sort of like asking a 15 year old to send a text from a pay phone.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-09    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Foster's Brings Back 'How to Speak Australian'


Really not all that great unless you think picking up a girl with a simple tip of a beer can, a mumbling idiot and a generous bartender are your form of entertainment, here are three new commercials from Foster's which bring back the brand's "How to Speak Australian" tagline.

Digitas Chicago created the spots along with...MODERNIZED ELEMENTS (INCLUDING SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE VIDEO)!!!!!!

OMG! This is amazing. We've never seen such leading edge work before in our entire career of kicking the crap out of the ad industry! This is just....I don't know...such stunning work. Just can't get over it. Need to take a nap to recover from all this excitement.

But we suppose it's cool the spots were directed by Bud "Dude" spot director Clay Weiner. It's all good.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

T-Mobile Pops, Locks, Breaks and Facebooks


Tired of watching Desperate Cougar Housewife Catherine Zeta-Jones making husbands speechless? Then check out some sick moves involving Facebook logos in T-Mobile's Sidekicks LX Dance Off. I said dance freak, dance. (After the break, er, pop.)

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by Bill Green    Aug-12-09    
Topic: Commercials

White Castle's .88 cent Birthday Bash


White Castle celebrates 88th birthday with .88¢ double cheeseburger and possibly the 88th most boring spot of all time written about here in the 88th most boring blog post ever written. Or maybe you like Game Shows? Watch at your own risk after the jump. Like one-hour old burgers, you have been warmed.

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by Bill Green    Aug-12-09    
Topic: Commercials

Kentucky Mad Men, Queen Latifah and Woodstock Love

- Need a date? Mad Men need not apply.

- KFC wants you to Go f... fry yourself.

- More real fake designer bag bargains.

- Naked Netflix.

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Time Warner Delivers Amazingly Cool Spot to Go With... Amazingly Cool Speed?


I'll get to the actual spot in a sec, (viewable after the jump), but I really don't know how any cable provider can lay claim to either faster and/or lag-free performance these days. Having used everything from Dish to DirectTV to the majority of cable providers, I don't think any of them have it right yet. At some point, there's almost always an interruption of service.

As for the spot, it's high-energy, looks slick and all that. But that's the problem with most brands like Time Warner trying to own a value prop that, oh by the way, the rest of the universe is also trying to own. What else can you do but make a kick-ass spot? Using Oakley's amazing HD RED camera, they've recreated a nice video game scenario, although the press release claims the two 20-something players are teens. Whatevuh. Point is, as creatives, there's only so much you can with a generic brand positioning that doesn't give you much to work with.

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by Bill Green    Aug-11-09    
Topic: Commercials