Moen Faucets Are So Stylish They Can be Worn As Jewelry


A new campaign from The Martin Agency would like to convince us that Moen bathroom faucets are so fashionable, they can be worn as jewelry. Hey, ask your grandparents if they thought a telephone would ever become a fashion statement. Stranger things have happened.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-19-13    
Topic: Commercials

JetBlue Reminds Us Just How Much Flying Sucks


Here's the problem with JetBlue's new Mullen-created commercial for JetBlue. No matter how you sugarcoat it (bags fly free, most legroom in coach, unlimited snacks, free TV, friendly flight attendants), flying still sucks. Know why? Because people refuse to pay a lot to fly so the airlines have no choice but to pack as many people into a plane as possible and give them as few "perks" as they can.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-13    
Topic: Bad, Brands, Commercials

Volkswagen Channels the 80's With 'Take On Me'


To tout its Carefree Maintenance program, Volkswagen is out with a new Deutsch New York-created ad which features A-Ha's 1980's hit "Take On Me." In the ad, which combines animation, stills and live action like the original, a man evades a menacing mechanic and gets the girl after he crosses the finish line.

It's all innocent and fun until you realize the whole thing was conjured in the mind of a man sitting in a conference room who suddenly hears the song and asks, "Is that me? Was I singing?"

The spot was created using the same rotoscoping method as the original video--they filmed the actors and the cars and then animated the results.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-13    
Topic: Commercials

Grey New York Wins Best Commercial Emmy For Canon 'Inspired'


Last night at the 65th Annual Creative Arts Emmys, Grey New York and MJZ director Nicolai Fuglsig won the 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial for their Canon "Inspired" commercial. That's the one with the tire on fire rolling down the hill.

The two other ads in the running this year were BBH's Google Chrome "Jess Time" and CP+B's Grey Poupon "The Chase."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-13    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Commercials, Industry Events

ESPN SportsCenter Ad Reduces Women to Candy-Loving Bimbos


Wieden + Kennedy is out with another ESPN SportsCenter spot. This one features U.S. Open winner Rafael Nadal as a lady magnet while ESPN personalities John Anderson and Bram Weinstein attempt to figure out Nadal's secret. Alas, it has nothing to do with Nadal's sexual prowess and everything to do with a tired stereotype that hot office bimbos can be motivated to do anything if you just give them a piece of candy.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-13    
Topic: Commercials

This Vodafone Ad Is Strangest And Best Phone Ad You Will Ever See


Fully supporting the tagline, "add power to your life," this Jung Von Matt/Alster-created, RadicalMedia-directed Vodafone commercial realizes the power and beauty of one's own imagination and the brand's high speed network.

Crazy as this ad may be, it nails the notion one can do anything they set their mind to if they have the right tools to help them succeed.

The guy in this ad ponders what might happen if he sticks a Vodafone sim card into an egg. Well, a whole hell of a lot is what happens. The message? If you have access to a great network, anything is possible.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-10-13    
Topic: Best, Commercials

French Online Gambling Site Pokes Fun At JFK Assasination


We're pretty sure some people are going to have their panties in a bunch over this one. While we're all for humor and making light of serious topics, there are some things that are sacred. In advertising, it's never a good idea to touch on topics like Hitler or 9/11.

Or the JFK assassination. But French online betting site, PMU, seems to have no problem sharing an alternative scenario of the fateful day in Dealey Plaza back in 1963.

Is the ad funny? Sort of. Has it been long enough to poke fun? That's an individual decision. Is it ever a good idea to poke fun at tragedy? Not usually but, then again, humor has a funny way of making certain things OK. What do you think?

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 9-13    
Topic: Commercials

How Not to Ask For Money in China


Ever traveled abroad and found yourself in a sticky situation cause by a language barrier? The guy in this Societe Generale commercial does. And it's kind of funny. But not if it actually happened in real life. Societe Generale is a financial institution with presence in 76 countries that makes it easy for travelers and students studying abroad to exchange money.

The work was created by Paris-based Fred & Farid

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 9-13    
Topic: Commercials

This Guinness Wheelchair Basketball Ad is Chillingly Awesome


As beer ads go, they usually fall into one of two camps; guys acting stupid/drooling over hot women or guys getting all macho with one another. This BBDO New York-created commercial falls into the latter category but ups the anti with a twist ending that cements what true friendship really is. It's wonderful work.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 5-13    
Topic: Commercials

There Is Something Wrong With This UGG For Men Ad Featuring Tom Brady


In an analogy of his career and love for the team bus, Tom Brady can be seen walking through a 250 foot bus in this M&C Saatchi LA-created UGG For Men ad entitled "For Gamechangers." The ad chronicles Brady's journey from high school athlete to Super Bowl-winning NFL player and consummate man of character.

It's too bad that 250 feet of awesomeness isn't actually 250 feet. Take note when he gets off the bus at the end of the spot. We know, we know, it's supposed to be a metaphor. But still.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials