The Oscars: Brought to You by Kate Upton's Cleavage and J. Lo's Nipple


So the Oscars happened last night. And, yes, Twitter was twitter about the event. From Angelina Jolie's right leg to Billy Crystal's performance to the annoying sound quality to J. Lo's nipple, there was much to talk about last night other than the actual awards.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-26-12    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Commercials, Racy, Television

Salma Hayek Frantically Searches For Milk


There's a joke to be made here about Salma Hayek and milk but we're not going to make it. Nope. But we are going to share with you her recent work for the Got Milk campaign. In a new commercial created by Deutsch Hayek frantically searches for milk only to discover it's not so easy to find. Which, in and of itself, is a bit of a stretch since when was the last time you went anywhere and couldn't find milk?

Anyway, Hayek finally finds her milk...from a milk man, of course...and returns home only to find out she needs to go out and buy cereal.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-24-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Commercials

Fallon Brilliantly Re-Works Bohemian Rhapsody For Cosmopolitan


If only the Cosmopolitan's actual guests were as cosmopolitan as the guests in this new commercial for the Las Vegas casino. Hyping the resort is this brilliant reworking of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody by Fallon. The agency turned the song into a spoken word act that does, eventually burst into song. The campaign declares "just the right amount of wrong." Brilliant.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-22-12    
Topic: Commercials

Woman Cracks Nut With Ass, Then Eats It


This is gross. It's one thing for a woman to have a fit, hot ass that is capable of doing many things. But to stick a walnut between her cheeks, crack it and then eat it ...all to promote a gym is, well, disgusting.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-20-12    
Topic: Commercials

Kate Upton Gives Young Hungry Guys What They Want


Earlier this month we noted new "it girl" Kate Upton would be front and center in a new Carl's Jr. commercial. Well, here's a two minute, behind-the-scenes look at the shoot. Kate talks about how she "brings the lingerie" and 72andSunny CCO Glenn Cole talks about how Kate Upton and Carl's Jr. gives young hungry guys what they want. What we want to know is just exactly what these young guys are hungry for.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-17-12    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity, Commercials, Racy

I'm Here to Snake Your Drain...And Flush Your Pipe


Ladies, what would you do if a hunky plumber showed up at your door and said, "I'm here to snake your drain"? How about if another appeared and said, "I'm here to flush your pipe"? And how about if a Barry White-ish voiceover intoned something about a long snake?

Would you invite them into your bedroom and have your way with them? Or would you suddenly realize standing in a grocery store next to Liquid Plumber and fantasizing the whole thing?

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by Steve Hall    Feb-16-12    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

Target Gets Colorful With Parkour


We all know Target is the cool place to shop for discounted stuff. And we all know injecting parkour into your advertising is cool too, right? Well perhaps not for much longer. Is anyone sensing this meme is about to jump the shark? We're not faulting the ad. It's actually quite playful and fun. And, as we all know, those of us in the industry get tired of things before the rest of the world even knows they exist. So shall we just sit back and expect to see another year's worth of parkour-powered ads before the industry moves on to something else?

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by Steve Hall    Feb-16-12    
Topic: Commercials

Finding Travel Deals Isn't Brain Surgery


Here's hoping none of us ever experience a brain surgeon like the one in this Barton F. Graf-created commercial for Kayak. It's the next installment in the agency's Search On And Done campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-12    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Winning the California Lottery is As Easy As Finding Gold


California and the Gold Rush. They go hand in hand like a "social media guru" and an unsuspecting brand manager. Leveraging this intimate relationship, David&Goliath are your with new, gold rush-themed work for the California Lottery. Along with OOH and digital, a new TV commercial, Old Prospector, promotes the Lottery's Hot Streak Scratchers. in the ad we see a prospector riverside finding increasing bigger and more amazing pieces of gold.

Hmm. If only it were this easy.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-12    
Topic: Commercials

Breckenridge Brewery Gives Us The Least Interesting Man


What took so long? After all, Dos Equis Most Interesting Man has been out there for quite some time. But it seems it's taken a couple of years for the campaign to get another brewer. Check out Breckenridge Brewery's Least Interesting Man created by Cultivator Advertising and Design. He will bore you to death. But he does drink good beer.

Will Dos Equis have anything to say about this homage?

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Spoofs