Very Pink Hotties Provide Football Fantasy


We received these spots from a very kind and very knowledgeable public relations professional who knew we simply couldn't resist sharing them with you. The spots are part of a Wieden + Kennedy created campaign promoting ESPN's Fantasy Football. Leveraging every man's fantasy in which the perfect football team would be a bunch of hotties dressed in sexy pink outfits frolicking on a very pink bed in a very pink room, the spots certainly grab attention but not in a purely T&A fashion. You see, the models in the fantasy are in on the joke and know they are just pawns in the mind of a daydreaming football fan. Well done.

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Television

Newsflash: Hardee's Launches Ad With No Sex

Perhaps taking a break from slathering the world with sexual imagery to promote meat, Hardee's/Carl's has decided to run an ad promoting milk shakes. How does one promote milk shakes? You shake a cow, of course. In this spot, a guy, well, shakes a cow. Not much else to say about it.

In other featured ads in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week Cingular interrupts its own pre-movie commercial to implore people to silence their phones, historical figures traumatize a couple for the Library of Congress, a guy eats a Pringles can just to prove the chips taste better, a camera so thin it can be mailed demonstrates the beauty of the new Sony Cyber Shot, Audi does its missing A3 thing, kids dance for Converse and DC Shoes goes with James Lipton.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-05    
Topic: Commercials

United Church of Christ to Continue Controversial Campaign


Stirring the pot again, the United Church of Christ, the church that, earlier this year, ran ads mocking other churches showing a bouncer who refused entry to minorities and gays is planning a new ad. The first ad, "Bouncer," part of the $3 million "God is Speaking" campaign, was refused by ABC, NBC and CBS. The church promises the second ad will be in the same vein as the "Bouncer" ad.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

Ford Backs Out of Eminem Marketing Deal


Ford was set to feature one of its new Fusion cars in the Eminem video, "Ass Like That" but, while Ford has no problem with Eminem, the automaker said the song's lyrics were just too racy for the Ford brand and backed out of future dealings with the singer. In the song, in reference to Gwen Stefani, Eminem asks, "Will you pee-pee on me please" and in reference to Jessica Simpson, Eminen sings, "Jessica Simpson, looks oh so temptin', Nick I ain't never seen an ass like that. Everytime I see that show on MTV my pee-pee goes doing, doing, doing." Apparently, it's a bit too hard for the Ford target audience.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 5-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Alan Cumming Cums For Cumming


Shot in a style usually reserved for attractive female models who writhe and squirm alluringly atop frilly white sheets and move in slow, seductive motion throughout large, hard wood floored spaces with wind gently blowing long, sheer window treatments, actor Alan Cumming gushes double entendres about what's sexy and the inner meaning of cumming. Oh, it's to promote his new fragrance, Cumming. Like that'll be easy to ask the fragrance counter associate for.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 5-05    
Topic: Commercials

Iacocca Gets Jiggy With Snoop Dog


Hoping to help us forget the not so smashing Jason Alexander version of the new Chrysler Lee Iacocca spot, the car company has paired Iacocca with Snoop Dogg in an ad set to air this weekend. With the usual old guy/young rapper dude culture clash, the post hopes to appeal to those under 40, many of whom have no idea who Iacocca is.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 5-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Commercials, Television

Sex Sells...Until the Doors Close


If anyone this hot strutted the hallways of the Adrants conglomerate, we'd have to shut down for a few hours just to get our breath back. One of the most unlikely marketers to use the sex sells strategy, tuna maker Chicken of the sea, is doing just that in this commercial which has a mini-skirted, midriff-baring hottie making her way to the office elevator while men do what they do when faced with females like this: they drool. While all hopped up on testosterone, the ad's ending puts a nice twist on the whole woman-as-sex-object marketing strategy and let's us in on what she really looks like. All to sell healthy tuna. Great ad. See it over at AdJab.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-05    
Topic: Commercials

Baby Got Back...Pack At Target


Likely, everyone's seen this already and we couldn't get to it yesterday since we spent the day in Times Square doing important advertising-related research but this on is just too funny to pass on. That hipper than hip big box store Target has launched a bunch of new back to school commercial, one of which, features a bunch of little kids with backpacks on dancing to the tune of that racy Baby Got Back, booty-shaking tune MTV had trouble with a while back. Of course, they've toned down the lyrics to a much tamer, "We like backpacks and we can not lie. With a cell phone pocket on the side. Those old backpacks were a fashion risk but can a cool backpack exist? Baby, I'm school...etc."

Either Target has just moved to the top of the hipness pile or they have crossed into dangerous territory associating big assed babes shakin' ass with little girl's back packs. While we're on the topic of Baby Got Stuff, check out the very funny Baby Got Book which promotes church of all things.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-05    
Topic: Commercials

Hillary Clinton For President Ad Campaign Launched


Without her involvement or consent, Hilary Clinton is getting promoted as a candidate from president in 2008 via an ad campaign created by a Florida-based Gay rights group, called Hilary Now!, run by Bob Kunst. The campaign consists of an animated television commercial showing Hillary driving a "Bush's Mess" garbage truck. In the ad, Hillary is seen emptying into the truck trash cans in front of the White House labeled "Iraq," "War on Terror," "Health Care" and "Budget."

The campaign will air on New Hampshire cable news networks in the cities of Manchester, Portsmouth, Concord, Nashua and Salem.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-05    
Topic: Cable, Campaigns, Commercials

Wife Strips, Man Watches, Product Benefit Fulfilled


This is funny. A Motorola spot promotes its Moto E815 video phone with a humorous stripping wife/conference room co-worker scenario. The spot captures what we all know to be true about video. In the hands of humans, the first thing we'll use it for is porn.

Other spots featured in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week include a Hershey Kit Kay bar ad with American Idol's Carrie Underwood; a hopped up football themed ad for athletic clothing maker Under Armor; another one of those Diet Coke bubble ads; a spot from the previously featured Milwaukee's Best campaign; another goofy Dymo spot; one of those Microsoft Windows XP commercials that seem to think we will all turn into our own personal version of a super hero just by using Windows XP and a Wal-mart back to school commercial.

Thankfully, either TV Guide ended its contract or Ad Age, wisely, saw the irony in preceding a commercial with a commercial and, thankfully, ended the mind boggling, aggravating pre-roll ad practice.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-05    
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