Book Promoted With Pet Killing Game


To promote a book, called Dead Pets, about pet cemataries, cruel animal death in movies, the stunt doubles that make that happen, pet afterlife and its religious implications and, yes, recipes for cooking pets, book publisher Canon Gate has launched a microsite, with ghoulish music, where you can play "whack a pet with a bat." We're sure it's all done humorously. We hope. It was created by Small Oranges.

Like young lovers finding out how much fun it is to kiss each other, book publishers can't seem to get enough of these kooky promotions for their books. But, with this execution, is the trend dead before it even began?

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-05    
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Dolby Microsite Illustrates Importance of Quality Sound


Dolby, those folks who bring all that quality sound to music, television and movies, has launched an online advertising effort designed to illustrate sound as in integral part of the entertainment experience. The first execution features a landscape with ominous storm clouds looming on the horizon. Users can create lightning and thunder by clicking on the storm clouds. Distant clouds create low pitched rumbling thunder while those nearby create a dramatic high pitched crackle.

The second execution begins with a scene in the jungle. Users hear birds chirping and the low growl of an unseen tiger. A sliding selector transforms the jungle trees into kelp and the user is transported to a tranquil underwater scene. Individuals who mouse over the jungle scene will release flying flocks of birds, while those that play with the underwater portion will scare schools of fish away from their pointer.

While our tiny laptop speakers are no match for a big ass home theater system, the execution does a nice job moving sound around and demonstrating how sound can add to the experience. No doubt, their in-theater demos are far better.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-05    
Topic: Online

Virgin Atlantic Clearly Explains In-Flight Services


To relate specific in-flight problems such as discomfort, boredom, ill-fitting seatbelts and inability to sleep yielding phobias such as "Blankophobia," "Brunchaphobia," "Chitchatphobia" and "Clamberphobia," with Virgin Atlantic in-flight features such as a stand up bar, seats that turn into beds an in-flight massages, Australian interactive agency NetX created a microsite which clearly and humorously explains Virgin Atlantic benefits. It's one of the better online efforts adding a bit of fun into the experience yet without forgetting to concisely convey product benefit.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-05    
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Former Spammer Settles With Microsoft

Humorously asking whether or not email marketing company OptinRealBig should change its name to DoubleOptinConfirmedRealBig, New Media Report says company founder Scott Richter has settled a lawsuit filed against him by Microsoft for $7 million.Reportedly, Richter is "sorry for spamming" and the lawsuit has caused him to re-think how he does business. As part of the settlement, that re-thinking will be heavily monitored over a three year period by an independent party who will oversee OptinRealBig's business practices.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-05    
Topic: Online, Policy

'Blowing Smoke' Movie Promoted And Distributed Via Weblog


Adriana Cronin-Lukas points to the Blowing Smoke weblog where the movie, Blowing Smoke, is being promoted and distributed sans studio participation. Half experiment, half frustration with Hollywood studios, movie producer Kamal Aboukhater has decided to promote and release the film exclusively through the weblog. The movie, starring Planet of the Apes hottie, Estella Warren, examines, unflinchingly, how men view women and how, ultimately, women turn men into blithering idiots.She is the third high-profile departure from MSLO in a reorganization that began while the company founder and namesake was serving a prison term for lying to government investigators.

While this may or may not be a first, it will certainly be a great experiment to determine whether intermediaries are needed or whether consumer generated media can is up to the task of movie promotion and distribution.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-05    
Topic: Online, Weblogs

Solutions to Cookie Conundrum Suggested

iMediaConnection's Media Strategies Editor Jim Meskauskas approaches the cookie conundrum with six suggestions marketers may wish to consider in the face of a seemingly huge consumer cookie rebellion. Maskauskus suggests the advertising industry take strides to educate consumers about the advantages cookies provide; educate the industry so those that use cookies or make software that uses cookies understand how each discipline values the cookies; make the cookie hard to find like United Virtualities has done with its Flash-based PIE technology; keep quiet about the whole debate acknowledging that talking about cookies just brings unwanted attention; forget about the cookie and and rely on other existing tracking technologies; and simply surrender control to consumers allowing them to create Passport like "universal cookies" containing any type of information the consumer choose to provide and allowing them to decide whether they share it or not.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-05    
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Hasbro Launches 'My Little Pony' Promotional Exhibit


My Little Pony, a toy line for girls from Hasbro that was extremely popular in the 1980's, has launched an exhibit/promotion called The Pony Project. Hasbro, to re-energize the My Little Pony Line, has invited young, contemporary female artists of varied backgrounds such as graffiti, fashion, illustration, photography, and fine art to customize blank 18” My Little Pony figures. Artists like Claw Money (graffiti writer), Maya Hayuk (fine artist), Betsey Johnson (designer), and Kozyndan (illustrator) will create their versions of My Little Pony.

more »

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-05    
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Youth Marketing Company Gets It Right


So we finally got around to reading today's MediaPost newsletter and, upon opening it, were instantly attracted to an ad for alloy media + marketing which is promoting its 2005 College Explorer Youth Study. The ad, with the ubiquitous, exposed hottie-belly, is accompanied by the headline, "It's not what you think. It's what we know." The ad then animates to a frame promoting the study. This ad does three things brilliantly. It grabs attention. It debunks stereotypes. And it promotes a study that, one assumes, paints a realistic picture of the college market rather than the standard, Spring Break, thong-wearing, sex-crazed image we're all so fond of writing about. Of course the full image on the study order page sort of brings it all back home.

Knowing this site's audience, Alloy should really be advertising that study here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-05    
Topic: Online

TAG Games Offer Hottie Hunting


TAG Body spray is getting the promotional online game treatment with Hide the Hotties and House Call. Hide the Hotties provides four increasingly difficult game levels in which you have to hide the hotties hanging in your pad before their Dad shows up at the door and kicks the crap out of you. Apparently, if you type the T, A, and G keys, that unlocks a bikini version of the game. This didn't work for us. House Call, which really should have been called Booty Call, lets the gamer sneak through the house to hook up with the hottie of the house.

The first one is amusing. The second one just doesn't work that well. Of course, that could simply be because we suck at online gaming and have an ADD-style attention span.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-05    
Topic: Games, Online

Ask Jeeves Officially Launches Sponsored Listings

As we previously eluded to, Ask Jeeves, today, has made its official announcement it has launched a new sponsored listings program similar to Google's AdWords. The offering, an auction-based system called Sponsored Listings, is replacing the company's older Premier Listings product. Sponsored Listings will appear above Google AdWords which also appear on the site. The product is available now to existing Ask Jeeves Advertisers and will be available to new advertisers August 15.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-05    
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