Top 5 Ways to Build a Motivated SEO Team


One of the biggest challenges that businesses faced in 2020 is how to manage teams when people are working from home. Matching the requirements of the team with the personal and work needs of different members while maintaining a high level of motivation is something that team managers should continuously work on.

1. Select the right people

Know about the purpose of building a team and select people with the right skills. Every member of the team should have complementary skills, so that they know that they depend on each other for their success. No team can succeed as just a one man show. When people understand how their skills contribute to the success of the team and its members, they will feel more motivated to perform well and exceed everyone's expectations.

2. Give them space

Every member of the team needs some personal space to work flexibly. People have personal commitments outside of work that are as important. A team that allows members to work from home occasionally, take a day off for important personal tasks and maintain a healthy work-life balance will be more productive and creative. Make sure that you have flexible policies for your team members so that they experience less stress and can work when they feel the most productive.

3. Have fun

Efficient teams are not all about work, work and more work. It is important to have some fun as it helps to release stress and gain some perspective about what the team has achieved so far. It also allows the team members to bond on a personal level and feel motivated to help each other out in meeting the goals of the team. This can include having short breaks, watching Netflix on a tablet, or even some plans for the weekends, such as a team lunch.

4. Be available

No team exists without any problems or conflicts. As a leader or sponsor of the team, you should be available to listen to their problems or simply provide moral support. People need to know that their work is being noticed and acknowledged at the higher levels. This increases their motivation to perform better and be appreciated for their work. Check in on your team from time to time, attend team meetings, and touch base with every member individually.

5. Express your appreciation

It is important to appreciate your team members from time to time. This helps to boost their motivation for the day and creates a desire to meet the team's objectives. Do not wait until the end of the project or appraisal time to tell the members that they have done a good job. Words of encouragement and rewards are effective when they are delivered at the same time as the work is completed.


More businesses will adopt a team-based structure as work practices evolve during the pandemic. Managers will need to adopt strategies to maintain high motivation levels in their teams operating from different locations and time zones.

by Steve Hall    Feb-26-21   Click to Comment   
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