16 Best Tools to Use as a Copywriter


Copywriting is a challenging task, often because it involves encouraging the reader towards a call to action, such as signing up or buying. The process is time-consuming, cumbersome, and competing.

As a copywriter, you need to begin with an idea that has the right research and thought backing it. Eventually, as the idea begins to take shape on your screen, you need to put on the hat of an editor and diligently proofread through columns of text before publishing it.

Every professional has their tools and as a copywriter you need your own set to complete tasks faster, better and in an automated manner. The following 16 best tools to use as a copywriter are hand-picked to make your job easier.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-21    
Topic: Tools

7 Techniques That Will Improve Guest Blogging For Your Brand


Question: Is guest blogging one of the best inbound marketing strategies for your brand?
Answer: Yes.

At first, this might make little sense. You might ask yourself, "Why should I spend time writing for someone else? I'd rather spend that time promoting my blog on social media".

Guest blogging on websites and blogs within your niche gives your content some much-needed exposure to a broader relevant audience, attracts traffic to your website, and builds up your backlink profile. In other words, guest blogging is a tried and tested strategy for building the authority of your brand, and one that you would be smart not to ignore.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-21    
Topic: Weblogs

The Psychology Of Color: Is It Important For Website Development And SEO?


Experts believe that colors affect our moods, emotions and feelings. Seeing warm or soft colors such as red, orange or yellow can make us feel calm, happy, relaxed and full of energy.

On the other hand, looking at dull or muted colors such as grey, cool blue, beige etc., can make us feel dark and gloomy. The brightness and tone of color have a significant impact on our emotions and thoughts.

For example, red can increase our appetite while also grabbing our attention and signaling our brain that there might be danger ahead.

A research study found that better quality infographics on a website, including warm, inviting colors in the visuals, helped increase the conversion rate of customers by 24%. This is because our brains can't read and absorb all the information listed on a website, even if it's divided into small paragraphs and bullet points.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-19-21    
Topic: Tools

9 Effective Measures to Artfully Manage Your Workforce


Running a successful business comes with a whole boatload of responsibilities- one of which entails managing your workforce.

Yes, it's true that your employees are your biggest assets. Hiring the best team members gives you a considerable competitive advantage, placing your business ahead of the crowd.

But employees can make or break your business. Mismanagement on your behalf can unravel years of hard work.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-21    
Topic: Trends and Culture

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