The Foolproof Guide to SEO Keyword Research


Keywords are the words or phrases that pop up frequently on a web page, article, or blog post. These are the keywords that are typed in by the person searching for some specific information. The web pages, articles, and blog posts that contain the specific keyword(s) or keyword phrases appear in the search results. But getting your website or blog to rank higher for specific keywords is the real challenge that's faced by many business owners and marketers.

While Google has historically kept marketers and SEO experts on their toes by regularly releasing updates to its search algorithm, the one thing that has remained consistent in its importance is: keyword research.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-30-20    
Topic: Tools

Retail Digital Marketing Strategies To Increase Business Sales


Each time you are getting the word out there about your business, your hope is that it succeeds. There is an array of retail digital marketing strategies through which retailers can promote their companies on the internet. If you are planning to promote your business, be creative, and think of your customers as well. In this article, we have shared killer retail marketing strategies to increase business sales.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-30-20    
Topic: Online

5 Design Principles to Help Convert Customers


Great website design does much more than look good. There are design rules that guide how a website should look and function in order to convert users into customers. By making small but important design changes, you could see your metric counter jump. But what are these design principles?

What keeps customers coming back?

Think for a moment of the last e-commerce website that you purchased from. And now think of another website that you spent some time on. What was it about these sites that kept you there?

Undoubtedly, it could have been the content, its authority and relevance to what you were looking for at the time. If you bought something, you may have been enticed by an offer or considered the price point competitive.

Underlying all these actions was the web design itself. Those call to action buttons that had you 'buying now' or 'learning more'. The graphics that subtly drew your attention to an area on the page that had the information you needed...

There are so many design factors that come into play they are almost too numerous to mention. It is true to say that poor web design is off-putting and could be the reason why your bounce rate is high.

Small changes will have a big impact. But what design principles are you looking at?

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by Steve Hall    Nov-11-20    
Topic: Direct

7 Marketing Tips for Social Media Consultants


For a small business, digital marketing offers opportunities and challenges. Even though you have a level playing field and can get marketing exposure without spending too much, there is a lot of intense competition out there. Instead of spending your cash on expensive gears like wide LCD displays or a laptop with backlit keyboard for your workplace, you need to use the most efficient tactics and strategies to get noticed by your target market. In this article, we talk about 7 effective marketing strategies that every social media consultant should follow .

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by Steve Hall    Nov-11-20    
Topic: Social

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