The Impact Of Marketing Content On Your Mailing List


'Content is king' is a popular marketing buzzword that becomes more relevant as consumers become more demanding and tech-savvy. It demands that businesses improve their marketing style to attract, engage, and turn their prospective customers to real customers.

Content remains the most efficient platform for businesses to connect with their audience, improve their brand awareness, expose your brand's jurisdiction, and grow trust.

According to an Experian Marketing Services research conducted in 2014, email marketing was the second most significant driver of traffic (8.15 percent) to a retail website during thanksgiving and black Friday sales. The research showed that internet search (41 percent) was used by customers looking for fair deals, followed by email marketing reach and social media, respectively.

Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) makes it easy for consumers to find your business on the internet. However, email marketing content is infallible in reaching your customers and keeping them aware of the latest trends and promotions in your industry.

To reach potential and real customers via email, you first have to create a mailing list. If you do not have a mailing list for your business, here are some essential tips to consider before creating one.

Know Your Target Audience

Who is going to be interested in your product/service? If you are selling video game consoles, your target audience would be teenagers and young adults. You can create a social media page to reach and engage them. From there, you can ask them to sign up to your mailing list to get updates on promotions.

Create a Website

Your website is where you will gather your potential list members. You do not need an overly large website to create a mailing list. A single-page website like a landing page with your email opt-in form will serve this purpose. You can install a pop-up for first-time visitors to be alerted of subscribing to your mailing list.

Use an Email Marketing Service

An email marketing platform will help you communicate with your new mailing list by organizing your mailing list and sending it. Make use of Essay writing service reviews like Pick The Writer to help you compose the perfect email that the email marketing service will use to send the emails to your customers.

Create a Juicy Offer

Your potential customers need a reason to join your mailing list. No one would surrender their email on a landing page without a reason to do so or get something in return. A juicy offer is essentially your best resource free. It could be access to your software, an e-book, a report, or anything else that offers real value.

How to Maintain A Mailing List


You have successfully created a mailing list and got subscribers who want to receive your messages? Great. The next step is to keep your recipients engaged, so they will always open your email once it reaches their inbox. Why?

According to a 2015 study by DMA, it found that for every $1 spent, email reach has an average $38 return on investment. Consumers will look for emails from their favourite businesses when they are ready to purchase something. It is why constantly sending your subscribers emails of offers and promotions is very important for your business to be engaged.

You have to realize that permission is not evergreen. If you have not been engaging with your subscribers consistently, there will be issues with engagement, the email folder they are delivered to, and spam complaints by subscribers who have forgotten who you are and why they signed up to your mailing list.

In other words, never send an email marketing content to an address older than 24 months. There are third-party services that can help you clean out your inactive addresses and ensure your list is positioned perfectly for success.

When building your list, you do not have to wait until you reach a particular number of subscribers before you start sending emails. Compose and send them immediately with an essay service writing review like Writing Judge. Do this regularly, so you do not lose your subscribers to apathy.

While monitoring your list, you have to observe performance metrics like open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribes, and other factors to identify issues and help maintain balance and quality of your mailing list.

Ensure Your Messages are Meaningful and Compelling

The structure of your email is perhaps is the most important part of your email marketing content campaign. Your subscribers have signed up to your mailing list because they expect to receive a message from you. It is important that your subscribers like the messages they receive.

To do this, you have to create an email that will be readable by your subscribers. You have to write your email content focusing on your subscribers' interest not your business's. Your email content should embody how your business intends to deliver the promises that attracted your subscribers to sign up to your mailing list.

Some top recommendation for crafting compelling and meaningful messages includes:

  • Sending emails only when there is something of value to share with your subscribers.
  • Ensure the message is simple to understand, focused on delivering a particular idea and, straight to the point.
  • Allow your subscribers to choose the types of messages they want to receive and the frequency.
  • Hire a professional writer to help you write a great copy.
  • Create a good looking design capable of grabbing the attention of your readers the moment it arrives in their inbox.

Composing your messages using essay writing service reviews like Pick The Writer or Writing Judge helps you create a readable and interesting email.

Create Segments of Your List to Increase Its Impact and Relevance

It is important as a marketer to develop content targeted at particular individuals on your list. You have to determine which of your subscriber stands to benefit the most from insights you are about to share. According to CMI founder Joe Pulizzi, "If your content is meant for everybody, it won't end up benefiting anybody."

Knowing the interest and communication preference of your subscribed audience makes it easier to deliver a resonating and relevant email. According to Andrea Fryrear, "delivering email content that's resonant will increase the likelihood the recipient will share it."

In Conclusion

Statistics show that email marketing is a great way of getting traffic for your business and strengthening the relationship between your brand and your customers and prospects.

Even though email marketing is not a new tactic for content marketing, its impact is as powerful as ever, so long as you do this with the right strategy.

This guest article was written by John Edwards, a writing specialist who is looking for ways of self-development in the field of writing and blogging.

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