How To Create A Perfect Personal Freelance Brand


Freelancer's personal brand ... This idea raises more questions than answers. And in fact, even if you are not doing anything but working with your customers in standard mode, your brand is already being formed and is developing. However, you can always make the decision to improve the perception of you by your potential clients and invest a little time, effort, and sometimes even money in developing your brand as a freelancer. In this article, we will give you some basic tips.

Use Your Name and Work on Your Bio

Since this is your personal brand, it is always better to use your name or its variations. Moreover, you also need to create your bio, which you can reuse at different sites and for different purposes. For example, you can write your full biography on your website, publish a shorter version on Linkedin, come up with three main lines for Instagram, and fit it into 140 characters on Twitter. If you have any problems with creating content, you can find help at Best Writers Online custom writing reviews.

Think About Your Colors and Logo

From the point of view of marketing psychology, each color has its own emotional message. In order to find your colors, you need to understand what values ​​you want to convey to your customers. And what's more, your values ​​must exactly match the values ​​of their business. For example, if you help a business grow with SEO promotion, then your colors are the colors of development - yellow and green.

In addition to colors, you also need to think about your logo. And here, most likely, it makes sense to turn to professional designers, of course, if you yourself do not create logos for your customers. Your logo is one more face of your personal brand, and it is better when it is compelling and recognizable.

Build a Strong Social Media Presence

It has already become common practice to analyze the profile of companies or individuals in social networks before deciding to start cooperation. Therefore, you need a strong and correct media presence that will reflect your personality and show your professionalism in equal proportions.

Balance is the keyword in this case. And this applies not only to Linkedin where it is necessary to adhere to the framework of your professional activity but also to all other social platforms as well - you can never know who is watching your profile while you are sleeping.

Make Your Personal Brand Understandable

Freelance means the complete absence of geographic boundaries, and therefore, most likely, you will work with clients from different countries, cultures, and mentalities. This is ideal if your brand does not initially imply multiple interpretations and is perceived by all equally right.

However, sometimes it makes sense to adapt it a little to the needs of your new customers. And this is one more case when you should turn to specialists - for example, to Online Writers Rating writing service reviews, of course, provided that you yourself do not work in this direction.

Get Used to Overdelivering

Your reputation builds your personal brand better than all the other tips that can only be given in this case. Reputation - and word of mouth as a result. Even if you build the right personal brand from the point of view of marketing, it will not make sense without the reputation of a professional and a person who can be trusted - because in most cases, freelance cooperation is based on oral agreements and mutual understanding.

Therefore, before building your own freelance brand, make sure that you know how to get your work done before the deadlines, and moreover, get used to doing a little more than you are asked. This will be the best investment in your reputation, and brand, respectively.

Always Ask for Feedback

It is much easier to adapt a personal brand than a corporate one. Therefore, it always makes sense to ask for feedback from your customers, as well as keep track of what other users are saying about you online. These insights can be good tips for further development as a person and as a professional, which will build your reputation and brand in the future.

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